Awaken the strength potential of your company


We help you achieve sustainable improvements in results and performance by identifying and visualizing the potential strengths of your company and making the most of these.

Our successful concept is based on 3 essential pillars


Establishing the mid-term, defensible unique position of the services offered by your company.

In a comprehensive analysis together with your management team and members of the different departments, we identify

  • The uniqueness of the services offer (brand, product portfolio, etc.)
  • The uniqueness of the management philosophy – mission statement
  • The assignment of roles in your management team
  • The process flow inside the company (customer – supplier relation)


Together with the management team, we identify those service components on which investments will focus in the future. These include the business case, the definition of targets and measurement of their achievement in the form of key performance indicators (KPI) as well as defining a 3-year plan


Successful concepts and their quick and consistent realization are often delayed or even fail because of the skepticism of individual members of the management team. We work on the mindset of the overall team by

  • Teambuilding – do we know and value each other’s strengths?
  • Trust – can we trust each individual member to contribute to the common target?
  • Do we know each other’s targets?
  • Mindset – do we believe unconditionally in the success?
  • Benefit – do we see the benefit for the company as well as the benefit for each individual?


Our Company

The company’s mastermind is Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Hötschl with his more than forty years of successful and lived business experience.

As can be seen from the list of references, he has brought together all his experience from many companies, primarily in the food sector, and put it into a programme that enables small and medium-sized enterprises in particular to quickly achieve positive results.
His experience comes from his positions as an operational managing director, as a CEO and as a consultant and member of various supervisory boards. Although the industries are very different, the issues at stake are usually the same.

For each individual module, experts are available who are consulted on a case-by-case basis in order to bring in the maximum expertise to maximise their success.

Ask us for an initial meeting to analyse the specific situation or objective of your company.


GP Businessdevelopment & Coaching sro

Dr. Wolfgang Hötschl
Stara Prievozska 2
SK-82109 Bratislava

mobile: +421 (917) 830285
mobile: +34 (647) 255346

UID/DIC: SK2022121662 Obch. reg. Okr. Sùdu BA I, Oddiel: Sro
Vlozka c: 38950/BA

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